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Hyundai History 2007-2008 - About Hyundai | Hyundai GT

  • 2008


    ·Launch of Genesis

    ·Established the 2nd plant in India

    ·Beijing Hyundai hits 1 million vehicles production milestone

    ·Established 2nd plant in Beijing

    ·Sales of Avante (Elantra) surpass 5 million units

    ·Launch of European strategic model i20

    ·Developed next-generation clean diesel R-engine

    ·Launched Blue Drive brand for green models

    ·Tau engine named ‘10 Best Engines Winners’ by Ward’s Auto

    ·Developed front-wheel 6-speed automatic transmission

    ·Unveiling of the eco-friendly concept car i-Mode at the Geneva International Motor Show

    ·Official sponsor of UEFA Euro 2008

  • 2007


    ·Launch of European strategic model i30

    ·Cumulative sales in the U.S. surpass 5 million units

    ·Unveiling of the 3rd generation fuel cell concept car i-Blue

    ·Developed F, G, H diesel engines for commercial vehicle

    ·Launch of the next-generation compact car i10 by HMI

    ·Verna awarded Best Car of the Year by India’s Overdrive magazine

    ·Unveiling of the HED-IV (QarmaQ) concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show

    ·Unveiling of the HND-III (Veloster) concept car at the Seoul Motor Show

    ·Azera (Grandeur) ranks No.1 in J.D. Power’s Customer Satisfaction Survey for a 2nd consecutive year

    ·Inauguration of the Brazilian CKD plant

    ·i30 selected as Australia’s Car of the Year and Green Car of the Year

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