• Q. What is Before Service?

    A. A Program created by and for HYUNDAI Clients, designed to benefit from all the advantages offered by the HYUNDAI Official Network Services, through a permanent communication of personalized promotions and exclusive discounts.

  • Q. I bought my vehicle abroad and in Spain I request the certificate of conformity or Homologation Where can I get it?

    A. You should contact an Official HYUNDAI Dealer where you will be informed of the steps and documentation necessary to carry out this process.

  • Q. I had an incident with my vehicle, what should I do?

    A. In these cases, you should contact the Road Assistance Service, where they will pick up your vehicle and transport it to the nearest HYUNDAI Official Dealer. The telephone number is 902 158 553. This number is on the back cover of your service passport.

  • Q. What should the owner of an out of use vehicle do?

    A. In accordance with Royal Decree 20/2017, any user who has decided to dispose of their old vehicle is responsible for delivering the same to an Authorized Treatment Center (CAT) or, if applicable, a reception facility. At the time of delivery, the user must provide: 

    Application form in official form. (Model available through the CAT or the website: www.sigrauto.com )
    Documents that prove the identity and ownership or ownership of the vehicle.
    Permit of circulation and card of technical inspection of the vehicle.

  • Q. What is an Authorized Treatment Center?

    A. Authorized Treatment Centers (CATs) are facilities that meet all the requirements of current legislation in order to provide environmentally correct treatment of end-of-life vehicles. These centers are authorized by the respective Autonomous Administrations that must verify that they comply with the legal requirements.

  • Q. How to locate an Authorized Treatment Center?

    A. Hyundai Motor España, SLU (HMES) has established a network of authorized
    treatment centers (CATs) jointly with the rest of manufacturers and importers in Spain in which it guarantees the free delivery for the last user as well as the correct environmental treatment of its vehicle. 

    On the SIGRAUTO website ( www.sigrauto.com ) you can consult lists and interactive maps that will allow you to know the concerted centers that are closest to your place of residence, as well as many other information related to the management of vehicles outside Of use in Spain. If it is more comfortable, the dealer network of Hyundai Motor España, SLU (HMES) is also available to inform about the nearest concerted center. 

  • Q. What is SIGRAUTO?

    A. The Spanish Association for the Environmental Treatment of Out-of-Use Vehicles (SIGRAUTO) is made up of the main sectors involved in the treatment of end-of-life vehicles, ie manufacturers and importers of vehicles, scrapers and shredders. Respective sectoral associations (ANFAC, ANIACAM, AEDRA and FER). The purpose of SIGRAUTO is to ensure that the application of the requirements established by the new legislation on end-of-life vehicles is carried out with the least possible harm to both the user and affected sectors.