A family car,
with just as much energy.

To endure road trip after road trip, the Santa Fe comes in diesel or gasoline engines
with 6 or 8-speed transmissions offering maximum fuel efficiency and durability.
A family car.

2.4 GDi Gasoline engine

 A maximum power of 188ps at 6,000 rpm
and a maximum torque of 24.6kgf·m at 4,000rpm.

Max. Power
188 ps
Max. Torque
24.6 kg·m

3.5 MPi Gasoline engine

 A maximum power of 280ps at 6,300 rpm
and a maximum torque of 34.3kgf·m at 5,000rpm.

Max. Power
280 ps
Max. Torque

2.4 MPi Gasoline engine

A maximum power of 172ps at 6,000 rpm
and a maximum torque of 22.9kgf·m at 4,000rpm.

Max. Power
172.0 ps
Max. Torque
22.9 kg·m
6 or 8-speed auto transmission

6 or 8-speed auto transmission

Automatic transmissions are available in all engine types for a more convenient and comfortable drive.


HTRAC is an electronic all-wheel drive system that automatically detects vehicle’s speed and road conditions to control braking between the left and right wheels and apply active torque control between the front and rear axles, in order to ensure stability while driving and cornering on slippery roads.

Drive mode

The color of the instrument panel changes according to the driving mode selected (Comfort, ECO or Sport). Comfort mode provides optimized torque transfer for a stable driving, ECO mode prioritizes fuel economy,
while Sport mode boost performance to deliver a dynamic drive. Finally, use the Smart mode to
automatically switch among the other modes based on road conditions and driving style.
all wheel drive
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