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IONIQ Hybrid

More safety equipment, for superior safety


Skeleton of Ioniq Hybrid
Greater safety and
stability on every road
At the core of IONIQ Hybrid’s design focus is class-leading safety and
stability engineered to take any road with comfort and ease.
  • Lane keeping assist system (LKAS)

    Designed primarily to alert drivers who are dozing off at the wheel. Should the vehicle depart
    the driving lane without signaling in advance, the Lane keeping assist system (LKAS)
    recognizes and responds either by issuing an audible alert warning to the driver or by actively
    correcting the steering direction.

    Only available in select regions
    LKAS image
  • Blind spot detection (BSD)

    The system informs the driver of vehicles in the blind spot, making it easier to change lanes,
    for example. When reversing out of a parking space, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which
    accompanies the BSD system the driver of approaching vehicles and can mitigate the
    consequences of an impending collision.

    Only available in select regions
    BSD image
  • Autonomous emergency brake (AEB)

    The system is an advanced driving assistance system that relies on radar signals
    and a forward detection camera to continuously analyze motion patterns.
    On detecting the risk of a collision with a pedestrian or another vehicle then the
    brakes are automatically applied thus minimizing the risk of vehicle damage and/or
    personal injury.

    Only available in select regions
    AEB image
  • Smart cruise control (SCC)

    The system is a convenience feature which employs the front mounted radar
    sensor to monitor the vehicle ahead. It automatically maintains the pre-set speed
    and a safe distance between vehicles by regulating the throttle and applying brakes
    when needed.

    Only available in select regions
    SCC image
  • LKAS
  • BSD
  • AEB
  • SCC
  • END
Battery located under the seat

High-voltage battery relocation

Secure rear collision space and additional cargo capacity by repositioning battery underneath the rear seats.
7-airbag system simulated

7-airbag system

A driver’s airbag, passenger’s airbag, 2-side airbags and curtain airbags protect passengers in the event of a collision. Straightened body connections and installation of load paths improvements.

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